There are Many Ways to Track SMS Messages and Monitor Text Messages in Real Time

SMS Tracker SoftwareIf you are planning to obtain a tracking app for a cell phone or phones, you should have access online. Cell phone tracker software uses the Internet to send retrieved information to the user via a user interface. Without an online connection, the app cannot transmit data.

Cell Phone Tracking Software Tracking software for cell phones has a variety of features. The range of uses depends on what you want to do. There are basic functions every app can do; there are a few more mid-range options available from some providers; and there are the high-end apps with features only a limited number have available.

The Basics – reading text messages, emails and attachments either inbound or outbound retrieving contact information from texts, emails and contact lists retrieving deleted messages viewing photos and videos downloaded or taken with the phone

Mid-Range – recording phone calls and alerting you when certain numbers are part of the communication accessing voicemail GPS location updates blocking of targeted contacts or URL’s with the phone

High-End – live access as a silent third party to phone conversations and instant messages real time pinpoint GPS locating marking where the phone is at the moment notification if the phone moves into or out of specific ranges

How to Track Text Messages Online

Online Phone Tracker As stated above, for the features listed to access the monitored phone tracking software for cell phones require an Internet signal. You can use any signal available, as well as any browser of choice. If you want immediate access from any location using a smartphone or iPhone for access is your best option. If you want to download information you may need a desktop, laptop or notebook computer.

Your user account will have a user interface found online. This is where the saved logs and other information will be contained. Should you need to retrieve that data using a public terminal the best method would be downloading it to a flash drive that you can connect to a computer at a later time.

There is NO Free Cell Phone SMS Text Message Trackers Online for Free (Dont Do It)

If you encounter ads for a free online cell phone tracker, ignore them. There is no such thing as a free SMS tracking app. All spy software for tracking cell phone use requires a download to the monitored phone. Anything you find online is either connected to marketers for products unrelated to tracking and potentially dangerous. Free online cell phone tracker ads may deliver malware to your phone or computer if you go to their site as well.

Determine What the SMS Phone Tracker App Does for You What do you want to accomplish with the software? Once you have the software it will provide information based upon how you ask for it. Presetting the way information is delivered helps the app be the most relevant.

Here’s a few examples:

Alerts – you can receive alerts via email, instant messenger or texts Parameters – you receive alerts when set parameters are reached. This is good for when the phone moves into or out of a prescribed area. Information

Targeting – you are signaled when specific keywords are used in texts or emails, or when targeted phone numbers are in contact with the phone Blocking – you can block URL’s or inbound and outbound calls to specific numbers or emails

Create Logs – use this feature to generate a history of when, where and how a phone is used. Uses include generating logs with timestamps for locations, tracking time, date, duration and contact information for calls and saving contact lists

As long as you have connection online, cell phone tracker apps provide a host of tools you can use to safegaurd both infomation and people.


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